What it means to me: Self respect

I’ve decided to start a new “series”, if you will, titled “what it means to me…” where I explain my opinion on subjects of whatever I feel to express or feel strongly about. I’m hoping for it to turn into a series of 5-8 articles. We’ll see how it goes. 

Self respect is something that I think is extremely important. I think self respect is an absolute key to happiness. Self respect means being confident in who you are and acting with honor and dignity. Meaning making decisions best based off of yourself. I think it’s also by making those decisions that you don’t go against your values in order to get someone to like you more or anything such.

I think in order to have respect for yourself, you need to have set values for yourself. For example, a value I have is to have people in my life who are good and do not bring others down. Hopefully, that is actually a “value”, I’m not sure what to call it otherwise. I think you have to know yourself a little bit. You have to love yourself a little bit. It’s not the easiest thing. God knows I’ve struggled. I believe you have to be aware of yourself and get to know yourself. What you are willing to settle for…or not.

I guess since this is the first installment of this series, I just really wanted to get the show on the road. I will definitely write another post regarding this subject matter. However; I cannot seem to put my thoughts into proper words.

Honestly, I think you gotta learn about yourself and learn to love yourself – in order to really have self-respect.


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