I cannot use any word in the human language to describe the amount of beauty Europe has to offer. Coming from a small town in Ontario, Canada, Europe is insanely different and something I thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit. It would be an understatement to say that I’m ecstatic to  visit again but with a less jam packed schedule and more time to adventure around.

Over the March break, I traveled to France and Italy with my modern languages classes from my school and another. We visited Paris, Nice, Florence and Rome, staying at these places. We also visited Monaco, Monte Carlo and Pisa. Each city had its own thing to offer whether it was the beautiful architecture, the amazing food or the atmosphere. I would love to go into detail about what I did each day or what I liked the most or who I made friends with, however I can’t. The reason for this being that I want these memories to last. I feel that as I retell the stories, they become less and less real, and more into something of my imagination. I do not want to forget this experience.

I cannot speak Italian. If I’m going to tell you anything, I loved France the most, mainly because I understand the language and I’ve always been dying to go, unlike Italy. Although, I am very thankful to have experienced Italy as well. The Coliseum was what I was dying to see the most in Italy. (It involves my inner nerdy interests and love for mythology and history). Otherwise, that’s all I’m really talking about my trip. What the heck, why are you writing this post then?! WELL, I wanna talk about travel. In my life before Europe, I had only been around Ontario, Quebec, selected cities in the U.S and Cuba. I cannot express how much I want to travel and how much I encourage other people to. But flights are long and expensive!!!! Yes flights go by slow but they are one of the most exciting parts in my opinion. The absolute rush of excitement as your plane takes off and there’s nothing stopping you between you and you destination is an incredible feeling. The feeling is way better when you land though and you are finally where you’ve been waiting for.

I want to travel. Europe was such a different experience and I fell in love everywhere I went, not with the people, but with the atmosphere and basically everything. It was so different compared to here, the language is beautiful and the scenery in nothing less than breathtaking. Boy would I do anything to go back. I cannot wait to experience other countries and the vast cultures around the world. I don’t know where I’m going next. Hopefully Europe again. At the moment, my most “dying to go there” places are Greece, Iceland, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Lithuania, Amsterdam and Spain. Each place for a specific reason whether I’ve been inspired by a book or just thought it’d be interesting to visit. Traveling has so much to offer. I think after traveling, you have a different outlook on life. Some may be inspired to do something for the better or change the way they live. I have been inspired in both these ways.

I truly cannot wait to experience life and not be limited to this city.




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